Why we need answers to these questions:

Q: Why do we ask for a recent photo and not a professional photo/headshot? A: Our clients request 'types'. Your 'type' determines what opportunities are available to you. For instance, we have a client that needs Santa Claus to entertain at his stores every Christmas season. If you look like Santa, you'll be considered for this project. Why do we not want professional photos? They usually don't show you at your best-which is your real-self. 

1. What city are you currently located in? Please provide zip code. Q: Why do we ask this? A: Where you live will determine what opportunities are available to you.

2. Do you own a car? What type (SUV, sedan, etc.)? Q: Why do we ask this? A: If you drive, there will be more opportunities available to you since a large number of events are outside of areas serviced by public transportation. Also the type of vehicle you drive will determine which opportunities you will qualify for. An example would be if we needed a contractor to bring a lot of equipment to an event (like tents, tables, signage, etc.), a larger vehicle will offer more options.

3.What are your best skills? Q: Why do we ask this? A: Our clients ask for specific skill sets. An example would be a software client specifying computer-savvy contractors to execute an event.

4.What kind of work do you avoid? Be honest!! Q: Why do we ask this? A: We don't want our contractors doing something they hate. Our clients rely on Busy Bee to put our best foot forward on their behalf. We absolutely require that our contractors are very upbeat and enthusiastic at events.

5. Please give an example of effective and creative problem solving you exhibited in a professional situation and setting. Q: Why do we ask this? A: Unexpected conditions often arise when executing off-site events. Being able to think on our feet and problem solve is an optimal skill when contracting with us.

6. What makes you stand out from everyone else we are considering? Q: Why do we ask this? A: We have 100s of inquires everyweek. We have to screen out the best from the rest. If you can effectively sell us on why you are a stand-out contractor, that skill will translate when you are promoting our clients' products and services.

7. Were you refered to us? If so, by whom? Q: Why do we ask this? A: Referrals from trusted sources put your proposal on a fast track for consideration. It's an effective vetting system.

(Note: if you are a staffing agency, please do not contact us. Our Bees contract directly with us. We don't use 3rd parties to secure independent contractors. Thanks!)

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