Sampling Sales Success SystemTM

Maximize Your Sales At In-Store Demos With Training & Coaching by

Paul Edgewater, America's Brand BuilderTM

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Don't stop now! Learn the skills that Paul teaches to his 'Bees' at Busy Bee Promotions! Busy Bee demonstrators achieve an average 33% conversion rate (sales to samples). The industry average is about 12%. Don't just demonstrate your product; SELL it! Paul has over 40 years of sales experience and will teach your team the same winning methods used by his 'Bees' at Busy Bee Promotions in his lively and memorable style. His system is specifically tailored to optimize the unique opportunities offered by the grocery store/supermarket environment.

There are different ways to learn from Paul; tele-seminars/webinars or live coaching workshops where Paul will come to you! His energetic presentations will not just motivate your team to perform, but will inspire them to surpase the goals you set for them! 

For more information, please fill out the contact form below for investment options & Paul's availability!

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